About Best Videos

For the longest time, I didn’t feel like I had anything of substance to add to the web. So I remained on the side of consuming content rather than creating some. As time passes, I feel that there is truly a need for me to create a collection of videos, filtered with my taste, intelligence and understanding of modern culture.

The most important factor in my creation of this collection is that I do not produce any videos, so, I will never link a video because it’s mine. Only true masterpieces will be present on my page.

Over time, I’m certain that this blog will be tinted with my tastes. For example, my appreciation for modern dance could be an issue if my fellow intellectuals found dance to be objectionable in a list of videos that claims to be worth one’s time. The web has made true artistry of the body available to everyone all the time. I think it’s worth saying that the last time I paid for a modern staged dance show was circa 2001 when my significant other suggested we go to the “Usine C” in MontrĂ©al where I suffered through a physical representation of a choreographers reliving of her puberty. It was so bad and conceited that I swore that revolution in the world of dance would have to happen for me to accept going to see a staged show without killing myself after since I would have no hope left for myself or humanity.

I promise to fill this blog with videos that are really worth watching. There is no commitment for any kind of volume of content, so don’t be shy to follow this blog. I won’t spam you.

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