Natalie Lungley

Natalie and Matt Lungley’s web performances have been pretty good for a while, but often left me feeling that they lacked punch: they felt mostly just a bit too slow and a bit too soft. But with this performance of “Kiss Me” by “Sixpence None The Richer” Natalie and Matt are very convincing. It passed my test: I listened to it more than 20 times in the first 2 days after discovering it.

I’m adding here Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah covered by Natalie Lungley. I still find that it lacks bite, but still after hearing the “Kiss Me” performance, I am enjoying this recording more.

Michel Therrien Tells It Like It Is

This interview with Michel Therrien is a beautiful and rare presentation of real human emotion and truth in the media. Everything on TV is so scripted and given with a purpose. Here, Michel Therrien speaks truthfully of his disappointment.

I have a great deal of respect for M. Therrien for being the coach the brought up Sidney Crosby in the NHL and helped him transition his awesome hockey skills to the NHL: often, young talent can be burned when entering the NHL, but M. Therrien did a great job.