Soul Musical Interlude – Sunny

If you have 6 minutes in your day that you want to devote to a musical moment, plug in your best earphones and enjoy the Ann Street Soul Stirrers’ performance of “Sunny” recorded in their living room:

You Are Not Special Commencement Speech

A great commencement speeches. A beautiful and comical reminder that the self is not the center of our world. “Climb a mountain so that you can see the world, not so that the world can see you”, ” … you will discover the great and curious truth of the human experience that selflessness is the best thing that you can do to yourself.”

Evan Longoria’s amazing save

Tricks and stunts videos aren’t much features on this blog, but this save by Evan Longoria¬† has it’s place here. It seems unimaginable that anyone would regret the 25 seconds spent watching it. It’s a classic. I think M. Longoria’s reaction to his incredible action shows a level of cool that is rarely found in people. This guy is seriously cool when he says “guys, keep it on the field”.

Natalie Lungley

Natalie and Matt Lungley’s web performances have been pretty good for a while, but often left me feeling that they lacked punch: they felt mostly just a bit too slow and a bit too soft. But with this performance of “Kiss Me” by “Sixpence None The Richer” Natalie and Matt are very convincing. It passed my test: I listened to it more than 20 times in the first 2 days after discovering it.

I’m adding here Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah covered by Natalie Lungley. I still find that it lacks bite, but still after hearing the “Kiss Me” performance, I am enjoying this recording more.

Socially-accepted levels of insanity

I have thought for some time about the idea of socially accepted insanity, which I think plagues the society in which I live. However, I hadn’t heard anyone put it into words. I don’t agree that having a level of fear of the unknown is insane, but I just like to hear this man say the words: “socially accepted levels of insanity”.

How Differential Steering Works

It is often taken for granted that the average person not know how most of the things that are used in common life work. Nevertheless, it’s wonderful when someone can explain some of the more complex mechanisms in a clear and concise fashion. Here is one of those wonderful explanations which will enable you to not only understand but actually feel how transmission of power works in an automobile.